TRIAS Oberschule Elsterberg



The language camp experience


The fifth-graders of the TRIAS Oberschule attended a three day language camp at the country hostel in Limbach. A total of 27 pupils enjoyed activities such as "save the egg", a self-guided rally through the forest and even a biathlon race - in 30 degrees heat! And moreover, most of the time the pupils were spoken to in English and had to answer just the same to the best of their abilities. They did really well, as lessons at the TRIAS Oberschule are partly held in English. Fortunately, we could recruit several native speakers for the language camp. On the second day, Virginia Shewfield, the TRIAS Oberschule's language assistant, visited, and on the evening of the very same day, the father of one of the pupils, Mr. Basson, visited with his wife and son. Mr. Basson was born and raised in South Africa, and he instructed the children to prepare an original South African dish - the braai, which is similar to BBQ. When everyone was fed, Mrs. Basson came up with a quiz about the country South Africa, to make it the best evening of the language camp. Last but not least, Dr. Große-Gehling brought his wife, who is from Ukraine, to the language camp - and here the pupils had no way around speaking English. To round it all up, Mrs. Amazares mainly talked to the students in Spanish, to make the language camp really worthwhile. All in all, everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to the next class trip!